8 most important things about Google analytics you might not know

8 most important things about Google analytics you might not know


Analytics is the systematic analysis of data, statistics and records. Google now provides you free web analytics service which is the gateway of the stats for search engine optimization (SEO) and other marketing work. Google introduced this service back in April 2005 after purchasing Urchin software cooperation.

How to use Google Analytics smartly?

We live in a world where people just work, work and work. They don’t tend to use their brain. But trust me, if you do anything smartly nothing can stop you from flourishing. This is how you can play around with Google analytics:

Mark your goals:

If you want your website to generate traffic you need to set your goals. Whatever business you are doing, you need to keep eCommerce tracking on. You should be well aware of the conversion rates and the market value. Convert your readers/visitors into clients. You must install the tracking code.

Google webmaster:

Create an account bon Google webmaster tools and link it with your Google analytic account. By doing that, you will be able to view the landing pages, geographical summary and queries, 3 different kinds of reports. This will help you in diagnosing the good and the bad about your page.

Track events:

By enabling event tracking you will be able to keep an eye on your readers. How many people downloaded from your site, how many people visited within an hour, who watches the videos on your page, what barriers your audience is facing? It keeps a track record of each and every activity.

You will be able to identify you events through these values:

  • Category helps you identify what you want to track. For example: videos, eBooks, games etc.
  • Action helps in tracking the activities of visitors like click, button, play, and stop, anything they use.
  • Label tells about the type of particular tracked event.

Real-time reporting:

Google analytics has now introduced the real-time reporting feature. This will allow you to know who is present on your site that very moment. You can even track the location of your visitors. Traffic sources will tell how and from where the visitors came to know about your website.

Campaign tracking:

By using online marketing campaigns, you will track the direct visitors of your website through URLs. To activate this feature you must enable your URL tags with special parameters on Google Analytics.

Dig in people’s interest:

Through Google Analytics you will be able to know that by using which keywords people are coming towards your website and what are they looking for. Visualize what they click on the most.


You can now customize dashboards through Google analytics. After adding dashboards you can add metrics to your content.

E-mail based communication:

You can receive the track record of all your data and stats through e-mail. It enables email based sharing.

I have given you brief description about Google analytics in my article but Google is improving it day by day in order to make it a secure platform since people are still concerned about this vital factor.