Handling Typography the right way

Handling Typography the right way


If content is the king, typography is the kingdom. Webmasters spend a lot of time in creating unique and high quality content, but they give a little or no attention to typography. Typography is not about the fonts, it's about readability! It's a combination of various factors combined together to convey a message.

Just imagine a newspaper with mess text, headings overlapping the body, uneven columns, poor alignments, extra-large or extra small fonts. How does it look? Ugly, right? Your website will appear the same to reader if you will not focus on typography. Did you ask how to handle typography the right way? Well, here are some tips for it. Take a look.

Text Layout

Where and how you write your message (layout, style) has great impact on audience. If your message is strong and important, you have to make it prominent and take all possible steps to avoid distractions. Create a text column on a suitable position and keep sufficient space between texts to give support to your SEO & to give your message strong and hierarchical structure.

Comfortable measure

Measurement in typography is extremely important; it consists of line width and line length. Line width refers to the number of character present in a line whereas line height is the vertical distance between two lines. Experts suggest any length between 45 to 75 characters is satisfactory for a single-column page. Some provide an easy typographic rule: the wider the line width, the higher should be line height.

Visual Hierarchy

Your website is made up of many typographical elements—headings, sub headings, paragraphs, sub paragraphs, quotations etc. Visual hierarchy refers to creating a balance among all these elements. Creating strong visual hierarchy is important to let readers find any specific content easily. It enables them to navigate easily from most important text to least important text.

Title and text handling

A title must look different from body text; it gives an idea about the length of body text and enables a person skip the unnecessary details. There are many ways you can make your title distinct and impressive.

Last but not the least fonts, font size, colors, contrast and white space should never be overlooked. They improve the beauty of your site and readability of your content.