How to create great website user experience?

How to create great website user experience?


What makes a great website? Well there are many factors, and user experience is one among them. Just as clothes protect you and car takes you from one place to another, great user experience can take your site to new heights. It brings increased conversions and boost customer satisfaction.

Website user experience shows the overall experience of websites. It tells about your bounce rate, how a visitor feels about your site, improvement you need and many more things. So if you are looking forward to improve your web user experience, you need to take care of the following things.

Stick to basics and stick well

The reason why people are visiting your site is more important than anything else. If you run a news blog, people will be expecting some juicy and fresh news. Walk an extra mile to fulfill their expectation and give them a reason to come back to your site.

Design for user, not for egos

When designing your site, keep one thing in mind: the user. Keep your preferences, egos, like and dislikes apart and think about what you can give.

Avoid popups

Although pop-up windows have 50% more chances of getting noticed than banner ads, but reports say nearly 95% visitors hate them. Fit yourself in user's shoes and imagine how would you feel if you are browsing the website and are disrupted by the pop-ups? Annoying! Popups interrupts the users and hinder the smooth flow of navigation.

Make your site compact

With the smartphone evolution, a lot of sites have been optimized for small screen devices. Web designers have to keep this factor in minds; they should design a compact and flexible website that looks amazing on every screen size.

Choose the right thing by default

A user will not configure if he has got bad experience. Instead of giving hordes of options to change things, select appropriate and convenient default values.

Apply these techniques along with strategic SEO Dubai & let your website rock & visible in top search results.