Responsive web design Yay or nay?

Responsive web design Yay or nay?


Responsive web design is the in thing and we all know that. It has gone mainstream during the past few months and is rising continuously. But the question is should you adopt it or not.

The upside of Responsive Design

Many companies prefer to develop separate websites for desktops and small screen devices, because they are still unaware of the responsive magic. Responsive sites serves hordes of devices be it mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. They let you focus on your site and eliminate the hassle of handling multiple sites. You can easily manage and make changes whenever you want.

A single website means you don't have to bother about tracking tiresome conversion paths, funnels and redirections. Google analytics is also optimized for responsive reporting and the results shows that responsive websites work well in local searches. One of the best parts of responsive design is that it boosts your website ranking on search engines due to unique URL across different platforms. Many websites owners have observed 50% increase in mobile click rates and boost in sales and conversions after moving to responsive designs.

The downside of Responsive Design

Responsive web design is not easy to build. As it has to meet the hefty challenge of providing great user experience across multiple devices, it usually consumes a lot of time and energy. Creative design experts spend numerous hours to design, customize and integrate multiple Javascript sequences with HTML5/CCS3 code.

Responsive design is aimed to deliver great user experience but it doesn't happen always. Sometimes the site appears beautiful on tablets but it looks bad on smartphones. Responsive design doesn't remove unnecessary JavaScript or HTML code, it makes site slower on mobile devices.

Attractive Colors

Colors have great impact on people and they are perceived differently in different cultures. Know your target audience and use appropriate colors that cast positive impact on them.

In a nutshell

Responsive web design has bright future, but there is still a long way to go. If your mobile traffic is less than 5%, responsive web design is not worth the investment. Increase your mobile traffic first and experience the power of responsive design.