Beginners Guide: How to increase Facebook likes?

Beginners Guide: How to increase Facebook likes?


There's no one denying the popularity of Thumbs up or Like Button on Facebook. Its success reaches the sky within a month of launch. Small business owners often pay a little attention to increasing the likes of their fan page. If you wonder why you should invest time and efforts in boosting the number of likes, our social media experts present the following reasons for it.

  • Likes on Facebook Business page demonstrate your business value as they show the number of people who have liked your page. Therefore a page with more likes is valued and trusted more by prospects.
  • Customers looking for products via social network, check Facebook likes of the business page to measure its credibility. If your page has got number maximum number of likes, it will get more visits to your site
  • Number of likes on Facebook page increases the exposure of Facebook marketing by taking your products in front of thousands of people. The increasing likes not only retain existing fans but also attract the new ones. It provides great opportunity to promote your products and grow business in cost effective way.
  • After reading these benefits, if you are thinking how to increase your Facebook likes, here is the answer to your question.
  • Email is the best way to let your prospects know about your Facebook page. People will not spend their precious time on searching your page, so provide a link in your email and make this task easier for them.
  • If you have just started out, invite your friends to like the page and request them to suggest it to their friends.
  • Insert a social plugin on your blog or website to let the customer like your page even if he is not using Facebook. You can place the plugin on the top right corner of the page.
  • You can attract more Facebook bees to your page by posting unique content, links to free items and engaging videos exclusively for those who have "liked" the page.
  • Join groups related to your specific interest and industry, participate in discussions and share your posts.
  • Direct your subscribers to blog via RSS Feed.

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