Common misconceptions about Responsive Design

Common misconceptions about Responsive Design


Responsive design is nothing new in web design and development. In case you need a reminder, it is the approach that suggests design should respond to the user's behavior and screen size on which he views the site. Responsive web design has become the hottest trend in 2013 but despite of all the awareness, there are still some misconceptions prevailing about it. Today in this post, we are going to highlight them, take a look.

Responsive design is all about mobile

Before we start discussing the point tell us why do you need responsive design? Is it because of the smartphone revolution? That's not completely true. You need responsive design because of user's context. Users are viewing websites in different contexts; they can access your site while standing in the queue waiting for their bus, or while driving. In this short attention span world, no matter how interesting your content it, if your site in unable to load at that particular time, users will switch to your competitors who is fast and efficient. Context is changing continuously so you need a layout that adjusts automatically.

It does not work in all cases

It was misunderstood that responsive design will not work on all projects, but if you want to succeed online you have to take responsive approach for all projects.

It harms typography

Responsive sites were widely considered to destroy the beauty of typography. Whether you sell chocolates or sports goods, typography is extremely important. Ensure readability in responsive design by using ems for font-size, padding, margins and layout.

It affects performance

Large JS libraries and images can affect the performance of your site on handheld devices. Try to adjust them according to the screen size of the device. Never compromise on quality and performance of your site.

It hides most of the content

Responsive design was introduced to make your content accessible across all devices, hiding content to cope up with limited space is not the right solution. Experiment with navigation to fit your content beautifully on all devices.

Wipe out these misconceptions and utilize the true potential of responsive design. If you still have questions, send them to our Dubai website design company.