Effective tools for mobile apps development

Effective tools for mobile apps development


With increasing use of smartphones, the need to develop mobile application has also increased. Mobile apps development can be very exciting and challenging. If you are looking for professional mobile app Development Company, call our experts for help but if you are feeling adventurous and want to get on the bandwagon right away, the following tools will help in your mission.


If you were worried about missing mobile app automation, Appium will fix it for sure. It is an open source project that automates apps and test framework with your favorite development tools. The tool is easy to set up and compatible with iOS, Android, and FirefoxOS platforms. Try it now.


Mobiscroll keep the essence of native-like user experience (UX) alive when working on webapps, hybrid apps. It supports all the leading mobile platforms like android, iOS, BlackBerry and WP8. The tool comes with hordes of exciting themes, premium controls, cross browser compatibility.


Have you ever imagined what you can do with hammer? Hammer is a fully functional, light weighted Javascript library that throws tons of multi touch gestures in your way. It lets you swipe, rotate, pinch, tap and double tap the screen to evoke events. It is a standalone library that doesn't need any additional library to function.


Wouldn't it be nice if you could track your audience behavior right from your mobile app? If you think it would be, try countly. It's an amazing mobile analytics platform that gives real-time insights. Don't rely on hours long old and updates stats, get reports, charts and data right away.


Want the best return from your mobile ad? Try Madserve, the popular mobile ad server. The server works with 31 local and global networks and display both banner ads and Full Page Interstitials on request.