How to create an Effective About Us Page

How to create an Effective About Us Page


People create websites to tell customers about their business. They give special attention to services and homepage, but the pages that reflect most about their business and personality like About Us and Contact Us pages are often overlooked.

What is About Us Page?

About Us page is not designed to generate sales, it's about telling customers about yourself, your team, your experience and why you establish the company. Reader visit this page to get the answer of these questions so an ideal about Us page should inform the customers. They should make you proud and communicate the message easily. Here are 4 elements that you need to add in your About Us page:


Website owners spend a lot of time in designing their websites and placing the content, but they pay little or no attention to business story. People come to your site to read your business story. So instead of stuffing your page with long and boring material, write a short and interesting about you and your business.

Compelling Voice

Crisp and compelling tone matters a lot in writing. If you have got an impressive portfolio, but your words or voice are not reflecting it, it's useless. Find out what words or tone works the best for you and build trust and consultancy with your brands.


Make it easier on customers to know you. Add pictures of yourself, your office, your staff and let the customer identify your easily. Pictures will explain your story more easily.


Testimonials are the ideal elements for About Us page. They reflect your credibility and trust of your customers and clients. There's no better way of marketing than by word-of-mouth. So if your client has something good to share about your product or service, add it on your About Us page.

Take care of the aforementioned things and let us know how have you made your About Us page interesting?