How to Design for non-profits

How to Design for non-profits


Building a non-profit is no easy job because it sets the tone for the organization, improve credibility and strengthen the trust of visitors in a glance. Non-profit websites are different from commercial web designs because they require a different strategy. Our Website Design Company in Dubai has expertise in creating non-profit web designs that can make a difference to their communities. If you are a novice web designer searching for a how to find a successful website design, we have complied a list of essential points here. Have a look.

State the goals clearly

Transparency builds credibility so it holds special importance for non-profit websites. Make sure the website speaks itself about what the organization does. Take three to four lines to explain who you are helping, how and what users can do for you. Add call to action like “Donate” button and display your goals up-front.

Share your story

There are effective tools for website design and development but none can compete with the effectiveness of “story” in websites. People relate to stories and their characters in a better way so add an interesting story to your site— it can be about a volunteer, community or person who has helped the organization. This tale helps visitors personalize your cause. It’s not necessary to demonstrate a story via words; you can also use a compelling imagery to do that.

Use pictures of people you help

Let people know who you are helping. An ideal solution to it is to use pictures of people you are helping, instead of using stock images. Stock or commercial images on charity website look spammy. Use photos to communicate your message clearly. Don’t put volunteer’s picture in front and center, people are interested in knowing about the people you are helping.

Offer Discounts but charge money

Non-profit organizations have limited funding; they want to get many things for free. Helping is good for sure but it doesn’t mean you should you should offer your services for free especially to those who demand it. If you believe in their mission you can offer discounts and deals.

Keep these tips in minds and share your thoughts if you want to add anything interesting.