How to make the most of infographics?

How to make the most of infographics?


Infographics (information graphics) is the graphical representation of information which helps us understand the complexities quickly and easily. They are a great way of getting links. Poorly designed or complex infographics can turn your campaign upside down, however if you use them creatively, they can earn you lots of links in future. To make the most out of infographics, you have to change your approach. Be creative; produce diversified content using videos, quizzes and other interesting materials. Our Graphic Design Dubai Agency presents some interesting tactics to help you out.

Custom-made Content

With the growth of internet, users are becoming more and more focused about what they want. We can take this approach and create user centric experience/ content. Instead of producing content that people don’t care, provide some food for thought. Provide relevant and useful content to them and remove the complexities from the graphics.

Resourceful Content

Resourceful infographics usually gets lots of links because they are not just visuals; they contain useful information and credible references. This means you should not stick to facts and figure, instead you should focus on building a resourceful content that people refer back.

Scrolling/Parallax Experiences

You can use different elements that changes when user scroll through the page. Google’s page How Search works is a brilliant example of it.

Quizzes/ Surveys

Quizzes are amazing because they give us knowledge and provide fun at the same time. Internet bees love to see quizzes in an all new and amazing way and infographics provide this opportunity. Infographics survey report is an ideal way to conduct online surveys with close ended questions. They help you answer and visualize the data in exciting way.


Videos are more engaging and interactive so they convey data easily. People prefer to spend time on videos instead of reading infographics.

Change your mindset and use infographics in interesting ways.