Is your brand iconic?

Is your brand iconic?


Don't you want to dress up in Levis outfit, Nike shoes and get a Gucci Bag? We know you do- that's because these brands are magnetizing! Although other products also offer quality and are available at cheaper price, customers prefer to get their hands on branded ones no matter how expensive they are. If you think you have got an iconic brand, answer the following questions and wipe your worries.

Does your brand lead?

A popular brand doesn't follow others—it leads! Companies think out of the box for products and services and provide value in distinct ways. Celebrated brands work differently; their approach and operations are targets to customers and their needs. Be it a product, tagline or marketing copy—a noted brand stands out in everything!

Do customers love you?

The best indicator that determines brand's popularity is the number of repeated customers. Customers only want to come back to you, if you have met their expectations before. Eminent brands have huge fan following, they are loved by both existing and new customers. They produce ideal products and services for customers because they don't change with competition; they set the competition for others.

Do competitors avoid you?

Can you attack a monster in your area? No you can't because it is stronger and more powerful than you. You have to be equally strong and powerful in order to defeat him. Same is the case with trendy brands, they cannot be attacked easily. Competitors attack one another but they don't target an outstanding brand so they don't face direct competition.

Do you invest more resources?

Distinguished brands enjoy more revenues as compared to their competitors. They are credible, reliable, trusted and have brand value, so customers are willing to pay them as much they ask. They invest these revenues back in their business.

Are you a trendsetter?

Why do you like Apple? You like Apple not only because it is different but also because it brings innovation to the market, remember swipe to unlock or Siri? Iconic brands are trendsetters. They introduce new ideas and innovation in market with their products and services.

If you said yes to all the questions, Congratulations! And if you replied in negative, visit our Brand Agency in Dubai and get the secret strategy of making brand popular.