Is your website begging a redesign?

Is your website begging a redesign?


Web design industry keeps evolving and continues to attract designers and companies with its latest innovations. How to identify that your site is begging for an update? Well, here are some of the indicators that evoke the need of redesign.

Lame Call to action

No matter how beautiful or informative site you have, if it is unable to persuade the visitor to take action, it is useless. Lame call to action buttons are totally useless because they are ineffective. Your website needs to have a clear and effective button that encourages visitors complete the action. Call to action buttons should be placed at prominent place, ideally above the fold so they never get missed.

Poor website navigation

Easy navigation keeps a visitor stick to the site for a long time and compels him to explore other pages on the site. So if your site is not boasting a good navigation system, you need to tweak your menu box with drop down list. Label the information clearly and let the visitor explore it easily.


An overcrowded websites is very perplexing for visitors; they get confused about what to see. When choosing a design for your site, make sure that it is clean, have white space and minimal text. Ensure that your site looks neat, clean and interesting. Keep a balance between graphics and content. If there is a space left, it doesn't mean you should fill it with something.

Loads slowly

Images increase the appeal of websites, but too many images affect the loading speed. If your site takes too much time in loading, people will leave it. Reduce the number of images or use small images to make your site load faster.

Doesn't look good on small screens

People today access websites via smartphones and tablets so it is important that your site look gorgeous both on desktops and handheld devices. If your site provides poor mobile experience, you need to refresh it immediately.

Consult an experienced SEO & web design agency immediately if any of the aforementioned condition seems similar, and get an amazing rankings & makeover for your site.