Learning the basics of Photoshop

Learning the basics of Photoshop


Sitting idle? Just take a look around and see how many people are not using Photoshop today. If you want to get started with Photoshop but don't know where to start, we are here to teach this to you. In this article you (the beginners) will get some extremely useful shortcuts that will help you get the full potential of Photoshop and master it easily.

Use Grids

Grids are a great element to provide balance in layout and impose order in web design. Using grid systems in Photoshop is an exciting option for designing web pages. Grids view is already available in Photoshop but you can also go for Photoshop plugins to make custom grids.

Selecting Layers

Designing layers in easy but selecting a certain object from hordes of layers is difficult. If you want to select the layer of specific object, use the move tool by pressing 'V' and hold down the 'Ctrl' Key. Now click on your desired element and the layer will be selected.

Color Sampling

Colors in Photoshop can be chosen via two ways. You can use eye dropper tool and drag the icon to select the color anywhere from the screen or get the colors from any inspiring site to the Photoshop color palette for using.

Multiple Undo

If you press 'Ctrl + Z', it will undo the last function but what to do if you need to undo multiple times? Use Alt + Ctrl + Z!

We hope you have liked these basic shortcuts for using Photoshop, share your secret tips for using Photoshop!