Steps to perform before changing a WordPress theme?

Steps to perform before changing a WordPress theme?


WordPress sites and blog change their themes to keep them fresh and lively. This change however can create some troubles for readers. If you are planning to change your blog’s attire, our Dubai Web Development Agency suggests you to take following steps before you proceed.

Saving Sidebar Codes

It is advisable to copy and paste the sidebar codes before making any modifications. This is because when you make manual changes by adding links or widgets, the sidebar gets overwritten. When you are ready to apply changes, edit the sidebar files and make changes.

Check Plugins for Deleting

If you have chosen a new theme for your site, the plugins you were using with previous theme will become useless. There is no need to keep the clutter on your site. Select all the plugins you don’t need any more and get rid of them. This cleanup will improve your site’s security and improve your page loading speed.

Changes in design and Color of Ads

Are you generating revenues from Google ads? If yes, don’t forget to change the color and design of your ads according to the new theme. Web designers blend the color and design of ads according to their themes, if you are changing it, keeping the old features won’t look good.

RSS Feed Subscription

RSS Feeds are used to spread your news, updates to users, they are really important for blogs and websites. If you are planning to change the theme, check your RSS Feed Subscription once again. Make sure they are working fine after the refresh.

Test it on multiple browsers

Don’t get relaxed after checking your site on a single browser. Check it on all the popular browsersto insure that it runs smoothly.

Back up for widgets

Backing up all your data, especially widgets is really important. Unfortunately there is no quick method to do this so you have to copy and paste all the widget codes to create a backup.

Last but not the least; don’t forget to let your loyal reader know about the change. Don’t try to surprise them; surprises can often end as shock. Consider all the aforementioned points and choose the right theme according to your site and readers behavior.