Tips for successful Banner Advertisement design

Tips for successful Banner Advertisement design


Who says banner advertisements are dead? Banners ads are alive; they have evolved during the past few months and are doing just fine. Banners work if they are well designed and increase click through rates. How to design a successful banner advertisement you ask? Experts, at our web design Dubai Company have shared some tips, have a look.

Proper Placement

If you want to create an effective banner you should know where it will be placed. This is obviously not easy to determine, because you don't know where your banners will be displayed. So before you start designing the advertisement, think a lot! Think about the style and how you will make it stand out. What does its placement look like? Examine all the points carefully.

Message is the key

If you are going for graphical banner, you should also deliver some information along with graphics. Your aim is not to get attention of audience, but to deliver them the information they want.

Attractive Colors

Colors have great impact on people and they are perceived differently in different cultures. Web design & SEO Company know their target audience and use appropriate colors that cast positive impact on them.

Readable Fonts

The biggest problem with many banner advertisements is that they are not readable either because of the wrong font selection or because of the style. When selecting the font and style make sure that is not only readable by your target audience but for people of every age group. Once your banner ad design is ready get it proofread it by your grandma, if she approves, go for it else change the font. Hope you have found these tips useful, if you want to add anything interesting, write to us in the comments below.