Tips to create an impressive web design Portfolio

Tips to create an impressive web design Portfolio


Creativity, talent and innovation are not enough to attract clients, one has to know how to highlight them and make a beeline of customers willing to get their projects done from him. While every web designer creates a portfolio to accomplish this goal, only some are able to generate conversions from it. To impress your customers completely make sure your portfolio has the ideal features.

Unify your brand

Logos, taglines and work combine to make a great personal brand. Make sure your brand has a focus and contain consistency in all the elements. A great portfolio, social media profile help you unify your brand and build credibility in online marketplace.

Show your Best Work

Customers inquire about the projects you have placed in your portfolio, so if you don't like a specific project, don't add it in your portfolio. Clients like consistency and they judge a web designer on it. If you have many mediocre projects and only few outstanding works, clients will get confused about what to expect from you. Remove this confusion and add the projects that do you proud.

Market well

No matter how impressive your designs are or how much time you have spent on your portfolio, if you won't market it, you will not get any customers. It is important to tell the customers that you exist. Unless they find you, how will they get to you? Use all marketing mediums to promote yourself, Facebook, Twitter, Dribble, Pinterest can do wonders for you.

Do one thing and do it well

You cannot do many good things together, so focus on strengthens and try to make them better. If you are exceptional at two or more areas, you can stand out easily but if you cannot manage more than one task professionally focus on a specific thing and do it so well that people recognize you for it.

Get Better

The only key to success is keep moving. Don't let your learning and knowledge stuck at a point. Stay updated, explore innovative thing and dig the new opportunities for yourself.

All the Best!