Why Typography Is A Big Deal in Web Design?

Why Typography Is A Big Deal in Web Design?


For all those who are non-designers, there is a slightly difference between the two terms font and typography. But for a person who doesn’t belong to this profession will not find it a big deal. However, as a professional web designer, it is very important to know the difference between these two terminologies and typography is considered as the most important element when it comes to designing.

Typography and Web Design

First impression always becomes your last impression. Typography generates a great user experience by putting life to a web design. It is more than just telling a story. It attracts people and creates a sophisticated atmosphere and tone.

Typography Elicit Feelings

Typography is regarded as the most effective tool to evoke the feelings of targeted audience. The selection of colors and fonts and how they are arranged on a page can captivate the viewers and their feelings. With the proper usage of typography, you can easily create a message or statement that can create a beautiful connection between you and audience.

Typography’s Part in Branding

Typography plays a great part when it comes to branding as it sets the voice and tone of a brand. If you are creating a website for your client or your own, it is really essential to define the business perspective and purpose delicately through typography.


Typography is a major part when it comes to designing. It creates an overall great impact on your design. If the typography used elegantly, it makes website more interesting and full of joy for its target audience. It has an immense power to present the content effectively to viewers by making it prominent.