Why WordPress is So Beneficial for Bloggers?

Why WordPress is So Beneficial for Bloggers?


There are plenty of platforms available to experience blogging. The selection of a legitimate platform depends on the needs of users and amount of files which would be utilized with CMS.

Selection of right CMS can give you so many benefits if you are going to make it your long-term plan because it is not a piece of cake to change CMS back to back. Blogging is increasing day by day with the number of bloggers emerging from all over the world quite speedily.

An Absolutely Open Source Platform

WordPress is an absolute open source, which means you can easily play with its codes and create its functionality according to your requirements. A WordPress latest version can be downloaded to get a complete insight about its structure and everything.

Various Free Themes

There are numerous free themes available in the repository of WordPress and they can be used with any type of website as developers from all across the globe giving their best to create themes which are available for free of cost.

Huge Quantity of Free Plugins

WordPress is an awesome platform which has provided enormous benefits to its users such as free plugins. There are over 20,000 plugins available in the repository of WordPress and all of them are free of cost. In case you need a plugin which is not available freely then you can ask your developer to create one for you.

If we go few years back, HTML was there which was used to create blogs and it was really difficult to write one file and then upload it. WordPress has made it easy for a non techie person as well by making this platform user-friendly. Now people who don’t have much knowledge about technologies can use it quite comfortably.

So these were some fabulous benefits of WordPress to experience a great journey of blogging with numerous free themes, plugins and user-friendly platform.